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Extreme Richard: 2 Pills


Product Description

The all new Reliable Richard Extreme is here! This formula was specially designed for our long term customers who have been regular users of the original renowned Reliable Richard.

For customers who are new to our product line, we recommend you start with the original version as you will find that to be the most exceptional erection product you have ever purchased. 


The Extreme Version utilizes a completely different blend than the Original and produces the same great results as the Original. It will come down to personal preference though as we see a 50, 50 split on what our customers prefer.


At the end of the day, both will wow you and give you what you are looking for!


Reliable Richard Extreme is the most powerful supplement on the market and contains only the highest quality ingredients on the planet. 

To maximize results, take with warm water and avoid a heavy meal within two hours of taking. (Before or After).



Erections At Your Beck And Call

  • Eliminates Performance Anxiety
  • Reduces Recovery Time

  • Rock Hard Erections - Look & Feel Bigger!

  • Improves Blood Flow To The Penis

  • Acts Quickly & You Will Feel The Effects For Up To Four Days

  • Controls Premature Ejaculation

  • No Side Effects 

  • Works With Alcohol Consumption

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